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Propyl dihydrojasmonate(PDJ)

Material Name:Propyl dihydrojasmonate(PDJ)Starting Material:
Starting Material:
Chemical name:Propyldihydrojasmonate
Chemical Name:Propyldihydrojasmonate
Batch No.:20150610
Molecular Weight:254.37 Molecular Formula.:C15H26O3
CAS No.:158474-72-7  
PDJ is a synthetically produced jasmonate. PDJ is known to act as a functional analogue of jasmonic acid (JA) in plants. Jasmonates are considered to be a new group of plant hormones with several beneficial physiological properties, including: • Fruit de-greening: JA enhances chlorophyll degradation within plants (Fan and Mattheis, 1999). • Fruit color development: JA enhances anthocyanin and carotene accumulation within fruit (Rudell et al., 2002). - Anthocyanins are red pigments that belong to a class of molecules called flavonoids. - In addition to their role in fruit coloration, anthocyanins also act as powerful antioxidants PDJ has been reported to be up to 10 times more active than methyl jasmonate, probably due to its higher chemical stability. It is currently registered for use in several countries, including Japan, Taiwan and Korea. 
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